Recipe: Lavender Water.

Of course this can be bought commercially. My favorite comes from Norfolk Lavender in England. But for home purposes you can enjoy making up your own supply.
In a clear glass bottle steep 100 g of lavender flowers in half a liter of alcohol {brandy or vodka are both good}. Place in the sun for a few days, then strain. Repeat until the fragrance is very strong.
Strain and seal in a glass bottle. If your hair is weak, falling out and breaking, try an old idea and rub lavender water into your scalp several times a week. Try it too as a rub for rheumatism. It has a long tradition of usage for both problems.

One thought on “Recipe: Lavender Water.

  1. Beautywhizz says:

    As the lavender season is coming up I should try your recipe out. I love lavender and was thinking about making macerated oil. I am using rose floral water to massage my scalp before every hair wash as my scalp gets quite dry, it is much better now. I can’t wait to use fragrant lavender in DIY beauty.


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