Persephone’s Box of Beauty.

Whenever the beautiful Greek Goddesses feared that their beauty needed revitalizing, who did they turn to? Persephone, the compassionate Queen of the Underworld and Princess of Springtime, kept a box filled with beauty, which she would lend as needed. Ever generous, she’ll help you fulfill your potential and dreams, too.

A pretty box

Dried flower petals

Dried Orris root

Dried parsley

Dried poppy seeds

Pleasing photograph or drawing of yourself

Small, shiny crystals, gemstones, and metals

  • Line the box with the dried botanical material. A magic box is an ongoing project; it does not have to be completed at one sitting. Search out the prettiest potpourri flowers you can find.
  • Add pretty treasures from the Earth.
  • Add an image of yourself that pleases you, an image of yourself at your best. If you don’t have one yet, start the box anyway and experiment with new photos, sketches or drawings.
  • Continue to build your box of beauty. Let Persephone inspire and encourage you.
  • This spell box assists you to transform yourself from caterpillar to butterfly. When you’re feeling a bit devitalized, just take it out and play with your treasures to receive their empowering magic.
  • Store hair ornaments and jewelry in your box to empower and enhance them.

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