Fever’s and Fever Tea

Fevers account for about one-half of all visits to pediatricians. Most fevers are due to a simple cold or flu, but do not be too quick to reduce your child’s temperature. According to David Lang, M.D., “The body is wiser than we; we shouldn’t interfere with normal body responses to illness just because we can.” Many pediatricians recommend staying calm and forcing a fever down only if the thermometer reaches 103 F {102 for toddlers or 101 for babies}, or if the child becomes too uncomfortable or exhausted.
Although a child’s rising temperature can be scary, a child’s fever, unlike that of an adult, is not always a true indication of the severity of the problem. According to the National Institutes of Health, a government agency based in Rockville, Maryland, a parent’s biggest concern is that a high fever will produce seizures, but these are uncommon – they are estimated to occur in only 4 percent of the children who experience a very high fever – and rarely occur in children over five years old. They are caused not by the severity of the fever, but by how quickly it rises. Any high fever in an infant warrants a call to a pediatrician, who will tell you whether the fever is cause for concern.
When you do need to reduce your child’s temperature, serve a tea of elder and yarrow {with peppermint added for flavor}. This blend also relieves the sinus and lung congestion that so often accompanies colds and flus. The skin may feel hotter temporarily as these herbs increase circulation, but the child will soon begin to sweat and her fever should break. Do not be surprised if her temperature rises again in the evening, it often does. If this happens, give your child more tea. If you use a tincture of these herbs instead of tea, dilute it in hot water to make an instant tea and have the child drink it hot. If you cannot get the child to drink tea, cool the tea and apply it as a cold wash to her skin {this is not nearly as effective, however, as having the child drink it}.

cropped-decorations-decorations-for-christmas-stunning-christmas-wall-stickers-decorations-ideas-with-colorful-floral-tree-pictures-and-combine-owls-little-birds-also-blue-hedgehog-pink-squirrel1.jpgFever Tea

2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon each elder flowers, yarrow flowers, peppermint leaves and hyssop leaves {if fever is accompanied by a cold, flu or cough}.
Pour boiling water over herbs, steep for 10 minutes, then strain out herbs. Give your child as much hot tea as she will drink. This tea can be mixed with an equal amount of fruit juice or lemon water, which also helps to reduce a fever.

One advantage to using herbs to reduce fever is that you probably do not have to worry about Reye’s Syndrome, an often deadly illness that can occur from simply giving a child with the flu some aspirin to bring down her fever. There are no reports of Reye’s Syndrome developing from the use of herbs that contain natural aspirins {salicylates}, such as willow and meadowsweet.

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