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Strawberry Foot Scrub and A Cornmeal Hand Scrub to Leave Your Hands Smooth and Soft..

Work this simple and sweetly scented natural scrub into your feet and feel like a queen.Strawberry Foot Scrub.2 teaspoons coarse salt2 tablespoons olive oil8 fresh strawberries Pour salt into a mixing bowl. Add the oil and stir to combine. Remove caps from strawberries and slice or chop them. Add strawberries to the salt and oil mixture and mash with a

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Body Scrubs You Can Make At Home

Scented, gritty body scrubs are all the rage. Here are a few recipes you can make at home.Almond Exfoliating Body Scrub.1/4 cup coarse sea salt1/4 cup baby oil1/2 teaspoon almond extract, vanilla extract, or lightly scented perfume oil In a small bowl, stir the salt and baby oil together until the oil is thoroughly incorporated into the salt. Add the

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