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What You Will Need To Make The Recipes In Entangled Botanicals by Ashley November…

The equipment you’ll need for making the preparations {recipes} is most likely in your kitchen already. Wash all utensils, surfaces, containers, and your hands thoroughly before preparing these recipes.Pots and Pans: Make sure you have good quality cookware, including small and large saucepans. Uncoated stainless steel is best; do not use aluminium pans because they’ll react with the active components, resulting

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Wax On!

Want to make your own cosmetics and skin care products?Look at the diverse range of plant waxes that Mother Nature has to offer.People have been using wax for centuries. Ointments and inks contain wax, and without it, your favorite chewing gum wouldn’t have the right bounce. Its elastic character, along with its ability to disappear when heated and add body

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How Can Frankincense Oil Aid in Natural Skin Care…

Frankincense is a special sap from the Boswellia tree and it’s had a wide array of cultural applications for over 5000 years. Boswellia trees are hardy trees that yield the valuable resin when the bark is “striped”, or slashed open. It’s a process that’s done by hand to ensure the highest quality resin. Frankincense originated in Africa, India, and the Middle

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